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    What is broken on Northridge Lift?

    What is broken on Northridge Lift?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Treeskier View Post
    What is broken on Northridge Lift?
    Its spirit.

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    Per win's post in the other thread, the motor blew. They shipped it out to be evaluated to see if it was repairable. Was just rebuilt 2 years ago and should have been able to get at least 10000 hours on it. Only had 1500 hours when it blew.

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    When was the last day of operation?

    I think it was motor issues. Probably done for the year at this point given no ETA and MEllen season ends in a few weeks right?

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    Quote Originally Posted by arc1 View Post
    Its spirit.

    HA! Well played Arc 1!! That lift has been cursed for years now!!

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    It is the motor and this type of motor is very difficult to find as they are not made any more. We have located a motor that works in California and are having it shipped here. It is the same horse power but a smaller size as are newer motors these days, so we have to manufacturer a new plate to hold it and get it stamped for approval. I can't guarantee this will be in and running before the season ends at ME but we will make every attempt. As we mentioned all ME passholders may ski at LP until we close for the season.

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    So is it officially done for the season.

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    Is the village lift also down for the count? Has not run for several days and some chairs have been removed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mountainsider View Post
    Is the village lift also down for the count? Has not run for several days and some chairs have been removed.
    Yes, here's what Win said in his blog today:

    "Our Director of Lift Maintenance, Jasen Bellomy, felt very strongly that we replace both lifts this year rather than over the next two years. We took his advice, and fate proved him correct a few days later as the top sheave assembly on the Village Double failed. We would have had to ship the part out for repair which would have taken no less than two weeks, so we have officially retired what was once known as Lift 6. The new lift will begin a bit higher on the mountain-- near the existing tower 2--and terminate at the same place. This new lift will make for a much-improved beginner experience."

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    If someone buys a day pass at mt Ellen can they ski LP as well or was this for season pass holders only? The snow report doesn't make it explicitly clear.

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    This is only for passholders.

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    Is inverness down to? Wasn't running at all today.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Benski View Post
    Is inverness down to? Wasn't running at all today.
    It is not scheduled to run weekdays unless GMVS has a race or GMX is down

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    Part of me doesn't want to see the North Ridge fixed. I loved the feeling of the upper mountain trails being empty even when the Summit chair was running at full capacity with every chair full. Conditions as well on trails like Bravo and Exterminator seemed to hold up better than usual. Not sure if that is just the reduced traffic they were seeing or whether that was the weather we had that helped.

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    One of the best lifts at sugarbush. Love lapping it


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