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    Hey everyone,

    Sorry about the LONG issues and the time it took to resolve. There were issues with some malware from earlier versions of vBulletin before we upgraded. They affected the site though, and not your user accounts, so you shouldn't have to worry about anything from a user perspective.

    Those have been cleaned, Google has whitelisted SKiMRV again, and after the site was down for a few days from a block from the host, it's also back up and everything should be good to go!

    Thanks for your patience, I know many of you were wondering WTH was going on.

    I don't check SkiMRV daily, so if you have an immediate concern with the site please send me over an email at
    Welcome to SkiMRV!

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    Thanks Nick!

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    Nick. Just in time for snowflakes

    "There's No Cure For Life"

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    Thanks Nick!!! Stop in more often!!!

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    Thanks Nick.
    Trouble with you is the trouble with me,
    Got two good eyes but we still donít see!

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    Thanks Nick. Stop in more often. Or come visit sugarbush!

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