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    Time to reconsider? Just Maybe?

    I too have always felt the moderation on this site was over zealous and today I think it very clearly prove itself to be true. A conversation on changing the format of the forum warrants a thread lock; ‘are you serious?’ (think John McEnroe)

    It’s a strange paring, liberal Vermont and a totalitarian ski forum.

    People have done a fine job creating and running this site by and large. I am thankful for their efforts. However, I agree with the dissenters. I think it would be more user friendly to consolidate all the forums into one at this stage given the relatively light traffic. Until this place is spawning 100 new threads a day, I have no trouble keeping up and it certainly would be easier to view one page than to peek into several forums.

    Anywho, hopefully my post sticks, but it wouldn’t surprised me if I get locked up and sent to Gitmo.

    Respectfully, but disturbed, RSG.

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    Ok, clearly I haven,t been at this site in a while because I just found that sweet thread battle between the "police" and the "citizens" of this site. My post above was in response to the locked Atkinson thread which was moved from the main forum to one of the non ski forums earlier today. I think I need to read up on the past battles before I reach my final judgment. So far, I am in the camp that this forum is a little to tightly policed by the mods....but it does seem to be the case that some of the citizens are a little too wound up.

    I'm going back to my cave now....and revert back to "former participant status."


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