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    more on the one board,...

    Lostone - why would you lock the topic after you make your post???? Have you ever heard of free speech??

    "One more time.

    You joined a board. It was run in one way. It is still run the same way.

    Some have decided that it is unconscionable that it can be run this way.

    Rather than expect that the board should change, I invite you to one that performs more to your liking.

    You can go to Alpine Zone. But, if you post in the wrong place, they will move it, as they did with treeskier's post... with not a word of complaint from any of the members who are registered in both places.

    You can go to TGR. I hear they never move posts.

    You can start your own forum, which you can set up any way you wish. "

    Lostone - maybe you should chill out a little and not take this "job" so serious. I don't know you, sure you are a nice enough guy,... but come on.

    Imagine if the mountain were being run like this,..."hey if you don't like the way I run the mountain go ski Killington"

    This is not the way to run a mountain and certainly not the way to run a board that so few people use. I think this board could be so much better if you would just lay off. How many posts are there?? The whole purpose of have "rooms" is to help people navigate when there are too many posts.

    I like using this board for info and stoke,... don't go and turn off the few people that post on this board.

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    The content of this post is the same as in the other posts. As such, this will be locked.

    As for replying and then locking the thread, anyone can easily copy any part of my post and post it in the other thread. I will do so for the rest of my answer to you.
    Two roads diverged in a wood,

    and I- I took the one less traveled by,

    And that has made all the difference.


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