That's what I'm asking for here. One Mad River Valley!
Yet your complaint is that I moved a post that had to do with the Mad River Valley, to the Mad River Valley board, you were worried that your audience wouldn't be able to get all the way down the page to the Mad River Valley room?

For the record, that thread has gained 150 views, since it was moved. Guess you audience was a little more intelligent than you gave them credit.

This thread, on the other hand, gained 309.

One more time.

You joined a board. It was run in one way. It is still run the same way.

Some have decided that it is unconscionable that it can be run this way.

Rather than expect that the board should change, I invite you to one that performs more to your liking.

You can go to Alpine Zone. But, if you post in the wrong place, they will move it, as they did with treeskier's post... with not a word of complaint from any of the members who are registered in both places.

You can go to TGR. I hear they never move posts.

You can start your own forum, which you can set up any way you wish.

As for:
It's always nice to feel welcomed and appreciated. This is a great way to build a community.
I did a good job of building the community. It started, literally, as nothing. I don't claim to be the only person to invite people here, but I know I brought in many. I am generally very welcoming, and friendly.

But there comes to a point where some people don't build the community, but just want to spend time whining about it and being rude and abusive. If they go to a board that is more to their liking... this one will become better.

We'll lose some stoke, and that will be regrettable. But it will be replaced, as time goes on. It is easier to build a welcoming community when people want to be here.

The board interface might change. That is beyond the control of a moderator.

Until (if) it does, if you wish to stay, you are welcome. Please play nice.

For those into whose style, we don't fit, I hope you find that board more to your liking.

As there are two threads running that are on the same subject, I am locking this one. Please continue your "conversation" in the Petty Whining thread, which is what this is.