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    Should all skiing related posts be in a single forum?

    Have at it, folks.

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    Not less, . . . but more.

    I think having a Sugarbush specific board is absolutely necessary. SKIMRV represents the whole valley, but my primary interest and the overwhelming majority of subject matter relates directly to Sugarbush.

    So, my vote would be to eliminate nothing and leave it as is, or . . . .

    Or, if any change were to be made, in lieu of eliminating any segments of the board and mashing everything together, the benefits of which escape my primitive mind, add another section for skiing in general.

    Hopefully, this would encourage TRs and photos from beyond Sugarbush and MRG from other locales throughout New England, outwest or abroad etc. and maybe even promote technical questions about gear etc. as well the occaissional ski industry news. photos etc.

    To some this might be covered by miscellaneous, but how inspired can one be submitting to miscellaneous.

    Perhaps, the solution would be to finally rename the Miscellaneous board and skip names that honor The Bush like the Mushroom, what have you, and have the name be more explicitly Non-Bush, like "Skiing in General", "Skiing Unlimited" or "Beyond the Ropes" . . . .

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    I counted 7 subject post for ALL of the 2009-2010 ski season, i say dump it and combine it into 1 room.

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