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    OMG you spell like a second grader ! Characature ! Look it up if you can't spell it ! Maroooooon.

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    Quote Originally Posted by barkbiter
    OMG you spell like a second grader ! Characature ! Look it up if you can't spell it ! Maroooooon.
    And you use OMG like a teenage girl. Well done.

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    A lot of things to answer here. Probably won't please everyone, but here are a few answers.

    Lostone, we barely have enough people here for single forum let alone 4. However, if you see a reason to move stuff around by all means... My suggestion would be to keep all skiing related stuff together, regardless of where it is done.
    If there were 10 people here, how would you have gotten 154 views on that thread, at the time of that post? The answer is we have many more viewers than we have posters.

    And the reason for that? Over moderation? Iíve heard it over and overÖ Too much crap, for them to get involved.

    PS: I can't help thinking that you are taking this moderation job too seriously

    That is the problem with over moderating, it is people doing the moderation and inevitably you end up doing different things on different days. Of course admitting that is out of the question. Let's call it all baseless complaining and move on...

    Tin says unrelated TRs are always moved except Tree's SR thread that sat there for days. My thread gets moved at 6AM, not even 7 hours after I posted it. Reason given is that Tree's thread is about Sugarbush skiers. What does that make me?
    This is confession timeÖ I am not a bot. I do different things at different times of different days, in different ways. In general, I try to be consistent, but sometimes my computer brain misfires and Iím stuck with this faulty human one. I apologize to those Iíve upset by such inconsistent behavior. I can guarantee you it will happen again.

    As for moderating, I generally try to follow certain guidelines.

    If something pertains to a room topic, I leave it. If not, I move it to where I feel it belongs. The purpose for this is, were someone to post something about Sugarbush, then a bunch of people post things about cars, bikes and haircuts, above, the legitimate post gets pushed off the page.

    Do I do it right, every time? See confession time.

    treeskier's post was a judgment call. At the time, not a real problem, but you pointed out that as more, similar posts were made in the same place, it proved to be a bad judgment. Count your complaint as an object lesson in under-moderation.

    As for over-moderating, youíll see that the same people that complain about over-moderating, will complain about under-moderating. You canít please all the people, all the time.. Actually, You canít please all the people hardly any of the time.

    but the only membership fee is respect.
    That is the way I see it. Do you treat everyone in your real life, as you do, here? Why not? I try to treat everyone with respect. You can take that with as many grains of salt as you wish. I wonít bother to supply references.

    Here is the truth: The "Regular Posters" on SkiMRV enjoy having a board with only ten posters. Maybe it's because, like the valley, it's way better to be a local, but maybe it's also because some of these people don't enjoy the same treatment IRL.
    As stated by Tin, we really donít know most of the people, here. I certainly know more than he, as I live here, and am very visible and (believe it or not) I am generally quite friendly. But I donít treat people I know better than othersÖ intentionally. (See confession time.)

    As a mod, I can look up your IP and determine from where you are posting. That is way more work than I am going to bother with.

    If you donít treat people who are friendly to you better than those that are unfriendlyÖ what kind of person are you?

    YOU posted the vulgar rule breaking words that sat there all day. I repeated the same exact words and was quickly scolded and threatened with banishment.
    Youíre not going to like this. (Bet this will be the first time! ) First of all, you used almost the same words, but not exactly, in the second case. Your word was a verb, while Tinís was a noun. I found that to be much more objectionable. If you wish further clarification, Iíll respond in PM.

    But more to the point, I will not edit Tinís posts, nor will I edit Gregís. I do not moderate them. Weíre on the same team, and tho, as he has stated, we have different philosophies as to how the board should be run, I am not his superior, nor he, mine.

    I do moderated the board, and can and will edit posts. I believe yours is the second one I have editedÖ in just short of 4 years.

    I did not threaten to ban you, although it was a thought of what I might have to have done in order to get all this crap to stop. As is the case with authorizing admittance to the board, which Iíve also been accused of stifling, that is an administrator function. I can only suggest it.

    I said that I would delete future posts of that type. The person who brought up banning, was you.

    Now how soon will this post disapear and I'm kicked off?
    That was the source of my statement that I was voting for you.

    OhÖ and while Iím hear, Iíd like to point out that you misspelled disappear, as well as dictionaries, in the very post where you were complaining about Tinís spelling. Not a problem to me, but it is a glass houses moment, isnít it?

    Tin Woodless and LostMarm just can't admit you were wrong or even POSSIBLY made a mistake. Here, I'll show you how to do it.
    Ok, so maybe I can be a little harsh. I'll try rein it in in the future.
    1) See confession time.

    Ok, so maybe I can be a little harsh. I'll try rein it in in the future.
    B) I would appreciate that.

    If you look around, youíll find that probably 99% of my posts are as a poster; not a moderator. I am not paid for this job, and like it best when everyone acts as adults. (YesÖ I meant acts, in some cases.)
    Two roads diverged in a wood,

    and I- I took the one less traveled by,

    And that has made all the difference.

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    Yeah, but if you see moderating as a chore and as a service, it probably can't be both.

    my suggestion is then to let the board self moderate because it creates a negative vibe when someone has a thread get moved, while an identical thread sits and gets commented on or when some people can use vulgar words and others can't.

    Drunks need to moderate their drinking or they might crash into something.
    The obese need to moderate your eating, or else you'd weigh 500 pounds.
    If internet addicts can't self moderate your posting, people will ignore them.

    The third option has the least consequence to society.

    No more mods! no more thread genocide! power to the people!

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    Brethren and sistren

    No one wants to hear/see any more on these subjects. Could we move on? Everyone?

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    I don't have anything else to say, but if anyone else does or if more funny pictures go up of Zoolander, I wouldn't be disappointed.
    What difference does it make? It's the internet man. If you don't like something go look at something else, that's all there is to it.

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    Looks like this thread has about run its course. It generated as many useful suggestions as I had expected.


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