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    Changes for 2007/2008?

    Now that September is here and the leaves are hinting at the change of seasons, I thought I'd ask those in the know what changes was can expect for the upcoming year. Obviously we aren't looking at any major capital investments for this coming ski season, and that's OK. Often times, you can get a lot more bang for your buck, and a lot better customer experience, by fine-tuning the assets you already have in place. The main reason we were provided with for the delay in building the Family Services Center was the need to digest the big additions from the previous year - i.e. Clay Brook, new lodge, and Timbers. Well, how did the digestion process go?

    Any new Low E guns?

    Any replaced snowmaking piping or new pumps?

    Any revisions in the GH lodge based on lessons learned last year?

    What new programs or menus are happening at Timbers, if any?


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    well when i was there hiking back in Aug, I did notice new numerals on the chairs of the Super B, replacing all those DM stickers.

    Personally I'll tell you what'll be new this year.... me trying a lot more terrain and the Rock.

    Now let it snow!!!!!!!!

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    sadly you can hear the crickets on this thread...

    of course, maybe its not so sad after all. there is little to improve anyway....except for that grand new skier services building which will have to wait another season.


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