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    How did you get here?

    This is for those that are centered around the MRV.

    How did you get here?

    Were you born in the area?

    Did you come up to ski and forget where you were supposed to return to?

    Was it a plan that finally worked out?

    For me, the last two are pretty much it.

    I came up skiing. I had only a few summer/fall visits, but have been a member of a ski club for many years. The first year I skied Stowe. Then they removed the single and double and installed the quad. To me it seemed like the feel of the place changed almost immediately.

    I came back to Sugarbush. It had great terrain and the people just seemed friendlier.

    Sure there are a few sourpusses, but almost always people smile and are friendly.

    I started skiing here regularly, based in my ski club in Moretown.

    Then, about 7 years ago, I got on the Gatehouse lift with a woman who told me that I should buy her condo. I did as I was told. It was not very big, but was fine as my second home. Each time I would turn off the lights to head back to Mass, I'd feel A friend kept saying it was a matter of time before I stopped going back.

    Then, last year, my boss said something to me. It was certainly no worse than many other times, but I guess the time had come. I looked at him with a strange smile, and said, "Tell you what I'm Gonna do".

    I quit my job, sold my place in Mass and moved into my place up here. Life doesn't have to suck!

    So how about you? How did you get here? Is it a second home?

    For those that visit, or are just looking in... What are you waiting for?

    Two roads diverged in a wood,

    and I- I took the one less traveled by,

    And that has made all the difference.

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    We came from Rhode Island where we'd been for several years. Before that, we were from out west.

    To be honest, I'd never heard of the MRV before we came up. We were looking for a lifestyle change and wanted to buy an inn. We were looking everywhere from Maine to North Carolina and needed something that would be in a good area and with enough space for our kids and was viable as a business, not one of those 4 bedroom B&Bs that sell for a million bucks because they're in a cool old house. (Not that there's anything wrong with those kind of places.) We found the Golden Lion.

    The more we saw of the area, the more we liked. Heck, you can't beat the schools. Our kids have 12-15 kids in their classes, learn French and music in elementary, eat organic food for school lunch, and go skiing every Friday during ski season. It's like a private school.

    I love the level of community participation in the valley and what a beautiful, peaceful place. It's great for outdoorsy types like me, a great place for my kids to grow up, and great for my dog, as well. We have not one, but two rivers on the property, are five minutes from a major ski resort, and right on part of the Mad River Greenway that leads right down to the Sugarbush Snowmaking Pond.

    The only two things that I don't like about the MRV. One, ever since we've been on the East Coast I regret that we're so far from family. Second, we like to travel a lot and this is not the most convenient place in the world for that. There aren't many good flights out of Burlington, or even many bigger cities in the area. It's a lot harder to get to interesting places outside the area than when we lived in Rhode Island.

    But those are minor quibbles.

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    I had to think about this for awhile since it was the early 80's. I moved here because my inlaws lived here and had an efficiency apartment in their home. It was affordable. I am 4th genVermonter and have never had the yen to leave. I've noticed that people who leave tend to drift back. I am just saving the hassle of moving. After living in Burlington for about a year after 20 years of small town life, I was looking to move to a small town where I could make a difference. The valley was affordable then, so it was an easy choice. I truly love the valley, its diversity, its assets, and the big hearted people. Stangers help strangers. I like that.
    Susan Klein, Director, MRV Chamber of Commerce

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    I was born here, first generation Vermonter. Parents came up with IBM in the early 80's (it was either here or Seattle). Absolutely no connection to skiing. Glad I'm here now though
    Ithaca is (not) Vermont (but it is gorges)


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