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Thread: RFID Tickets

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    RFID Tickets

    What's the big deal RFID Vs hand scanners? It's such a minor issue to gripe about. Helping some kid with a part time job and supporting the community is great.

    Why automate to save 2 minutes per run?

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    Just spent first day of several upcoming at Big Sky. Same system as Sugarbush. Nothing negatively affected. Great day!

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    SB really needs to get on board with it. Lines flow so much better, no empty chairs, etc.
    Maybe more importantly, this year, especially lately, I've found the folks manning the guns to be a really poor reflection on the mtn. Not only barely acknowledging people, but seem surly and bitter. Not a good customer interface at all.

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    RFID is the way to go. I think there is some misunderstanding, just because you have an RFID card doesn't mean that there are no humans scanning them, especially at the bottom lifts. There is usually still human interaction making sure you are not a 40 year old trying to use a kids' pass.

    What I love about the card is that you can refill it so easily, if you decide to ski another day or come back for another weekend. You can usually pay for your lift ticket online and be ready to ski the second you get to the base of the hill. No ticket booth, line, etc.


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