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    Castlerock traverse

    Just a rant - people need to calm down on the hike over to CR. Getting to the end 2 mins faster isn't worth the douchiness of trying to pass a line of people! I couldn't believe the rudeness of some this past weekend. Then you have the brahs with the speakers draped around their necks who think "why not grace the hikers with some jams". Sigh. Hoping it was just bc it was amateur week.

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    I'm glad the times I've made the hike over have never been crowded. I tend to take it slower and enjoy the hike. I don't get why some people are in such a rush. Not particularly surprised by the behavior you mention during the holidays though when a lot of non-regulars are visiting. And I hate those speakers in general. No one wants or needs to hear your music selection other than yourself. So annoying when you hear people blasting music with those speakers.

    Edit: I kind of assumed there must have been some issues this weekend as the snow report the past couple days has reminded people to keep the traverse safe...
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    I fully understand people wanting to take their time and enjoy the hike. It is beautiful and sometime....peaceful. But I can also understand that some people like the exercise and want to pick up the pace so it is a work out. I like to watch my surroundings and be fully aware of who is coming up behind me and I respectfully just stand aside and let them go. If there were harsh words then that is a little much. But if someone made their intentions known that they wanted to pass and people ignored them then I might side with the passer depending on the circumstances. IF you notice the report says to step aside and let people pass.
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    I can't imagine being someone snowshoeing on the Long Trail between there tho i'm sure its not that high traffic this time of year. imagine a nice peaceful hike and then you get into that zone and its like WTF just happened lol.

    This type of stuff is a problem at all traverses that involve powder or different paces. out west they have some real aggro traverses that even result in physical confrontations when slower people don't step aside or people coming up behind are ultra rude.

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    Oh I agree anyone slow should step aside and let someone pass. I didn't mean to imply that I wouldn't or that I go THAT slow. I certainly go at a pace that is a work out, but I'm also not in a race to see how fast I can get there. Some people seem to think they are in a race. On the flip side though, if there's a line of people going a reasonable speed, then one person trying to pass them all is just being rude.

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    Sat was very busy on the traverse. approx. 20 people in front of us and 10 behind us. The [biggest] problem came at the final chute where people were all trying to get their skis/boards on and rude people trying to come up from behind. At that point you are less than 5 mins from the end of the trail; hang tight and wait your turn.


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