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Thread: Opening Day

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    If you watch the time lapse you will see it snowed after it was swept at 3:45, accumulated and then disappeared when the temps rose and rain came in. That is what the Snowreporter saw and reported. Emily did say in the report that snow was followed by freezing rain and rain but in hindsight we could have been clearer to indicate there was a net loss of snow. Since others not have a cam they only saw what was left in the morning. Watch it tomorrow.

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    I skied Monday and Tuesday and I can verify that it did in fact snow a few inches Sunday before the r@#% came in Monday. Skiing Monday was actually awesome and there was not that many people here. As the week has progressed you can feel the building of skiers as the parking lot is getting more full each day. Yesterday was actually not a bad day at all. The temps stayed in the low 40's and middle 30's and the trails from Bravo down were skiing nicely. Most natural snow trails were closed to maintain the snow but tomorrows snow should see them reopen I would think.

    I never get nit picky with the report. If it is not perfect then it probably means that some circumstance may have changed after the report. Actually I love it when the report is wrong. I am at the hill and see what is going on and I always just go. I have skied more unreported 3-6 inch storms up top that do not get reported. I love when that happens.

    Time to change this thread to Reports from the Hill 16/17.
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    Quote Originally Posted by cdskier View Post
    Oh, I took Howie's comment to be an insinuation that he was surprised people still call the snow phone.
    You would be correct.

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    Many still do
    Quote Originally Posted by HowieT2 View Post
    You would be correct.
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    Noticed the snow making pipe that runs up super brovo was being drained and blown out, is that end of snow making on that pod?

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    Quote Originally Posted by skimore View Post
    Noticed the snow making pipe that runs up super brovo was being drained and blown out, is that end of snow making on that pod?
    Not at all. Shut down as temps rose. You blow out the pipes so not to have water freeze in the pipes when off and burst the pipes. Should be back on late Wednesday.
    Trails left to do are Birdland, Sunrise and Cliffs. Need more depth on Murphy's, Gondolier, Downspout, Cruiser and Lower Ripcord. Then we will want to get the spring trails loaded to last through April - Stein's, Upper Snowball, Spring Fling and Coffee Run.

    Today's weather could alter this plan so we will assess tomorrow.

    We did have a couple of air leaks which will be welded and ready to go when the cold returns.

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    Quote Originally Posted by winjr View Post
    Many still do
    Snow phone is one of my favorite things to call while driving in my car (on bluetooth of course). I like Emilys style. she adds a little personality to it. My only suggestion would be to somehow work in the snowfall at the other locations than the summit in the phone dialog. Or maybe just the base and summit numbers to show the spread? i like hearing what to expect when I pull into the parking lot. Then again maybe i'm the only one lol


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