It has been awhile since I wrote a report, so I figured I would give my fellow flat landers an update on how things were this week.

I decided to go into ME today to get in some runs. With over 20" of snow last week and ropes dropping everywhere, it has been a blast.

I got to the mountain at about noon and hit the GMX. I started out on a nice mellow run down a groomed Northstar. Snow was very easy to edge. Straight Shot had similar conditions. Decided to hit Cruiser next which had some chopped up natural, but great coverage for having no snowmaking. Then rode up NRX and hit Rim Run to Looking Good. It was Looking Good's first day of grooming, so conditions were variable. Looked in the woods off Looking Good since they are the flattest woods around, but it's still too thin. Proceeded to hit Encore, Hammerhead, Cliffs, and Tumbler. All of them had fantastic snow. Cliffs was easily the ROTD. Full coverage with soft snow and no obstacles. Tumbler had good snow but was starting to get scraped off and a little rocky. Encore and Hammerhead still had perfect coverage. Went down Elbow once, but 3/4 of the trail was being used by GMVS, so the sides for public traffic were a bit slick. Ended my day with a run down Bravo to Exterminator, and it was also starting to get a little rocky.

Snow guns were blasting at the base of the mountain and on Lower Crackerjack. It's definitely starting to look like winter. It's worth the drive.