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Thread: Community day

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    Snow accumulations will vary greatly depending upon
    elevation...but thinking by sunday morning summits of the greens
    from sugarbush to mansfield to jay peak will see around 6 inches
    along with the upslope areas of the northern dacks above 3500
    feet. Meanwhile...2 to 4 inches is likely in the midslope areas
    and a dusting to 2 inches above 1000 feet by sunday morning in the
    favorable upslope regions. Little accumulation is expected in the
    valleys at this time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Benski View Post
    I doubt adding a trail going form sleeper to gondolier would be very hard or expensive. Should be next on their to do list.
    Certainly easy as far as the work to install. But the path will need to go through the existing maintenance area. I am certain of that from getting yelled at. Also it will cross the major trail that leads most people to the lift if you want to get to the side that the line forms. There will be an issue with the traffic management. Just thinking with my operations hat for a moment.
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    Quote Originally Posted by gostan View Post
    Here is my stream of conciousness report from my old memory banks. Win indicated that they are actively working on the new lodge. it is expected to be a reality in a year, or 2 maximum.
    So this was almost 2 years ago... So new lodge next year? Canceled? I imagine last winter was a big financial setback.


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