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    Opinions of Alpine Options as a boot fitter

    Hi folks,

    I had a really bad experience with a MasterFit certified fitter where I live. I bought boots at the beginning of the season, knowing he could work the boot to fit me properly. Well, the season is winding down and the boots still kill my feet and the fitter wants to put me in a different boot. I guess 6 fit adjustments weren't enough. I think I need to find myself a different fitter.

    If you have had a good or bad experience with Alpine Options in regards to boot fitting, I'd like to hear it. If you have a good or bad opinion about their business that doesn't pertain to fitting, please don't post so that I can keep this thread on topic.


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    IMHO Alpine Options is the best in the Valley for boot fitting, custom foot beds and other boot work.

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    Don't know enough about the competition to say who's the best, but have had two pairs of boots fitted there and am very happy with them.

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    I have only good experiences to relay about alpine options. Between me, my family and friends, we are probably talking about 20 boot purchases in the last 5 years. All have been extremely satisfied. They know what they're doing.


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