Just wanted to give a quick round of thanks to the crew at the sports club. Lauren was quite gracious about accommodating my climbing wishes on short notice during this not so great skiing period. Climbers may have to make reservations at times due to their insurance policy, but she was able to track someone down at an off time.

While there, Eric was more than helpful while showing my GF some tips to help her belay more safely and scale the walls with confidence.

It's a very humble climbing wall size-wise, but the employees have done a great job making something fun out of it. And, if you are a serious climber* looking to get a quick workout in and have all of your own gear, it is very fairly priced at $7.50. Otherwise I believe it is $15 all in. You're also welcome to tip if you appreciate the hospitality and if you learned something. I'm sure everyone who works there is great with long tick-lists, but I can't say enough nice things about the people I met.

*Also, if you're serious... I would rate the scale there a bit stout. The easy stuff is ladder like, but they are definitely trying to challenge you on limited space. They use some unusual holds and throw in a some difficult moves despite the limited space. The 5.9s at the Sharc are easily 10b in a soft feel-good California gym.

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