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    Big Thanks to Win!

    Hey Win, while everyone is here kissing your but. I want to let them all in on how you just fired a huge chunk of your year round staff. Thanks a million for that big guy. Several years of loyalty, service, doing anything asked of me, pushing the Sugarbush brand, buying into your "Be Better Here' BS and my reward is... 'It's not you, it's us"... a sharp stick in my eye. You know what's better than a piddly severance package??? Knowing I have a way to pay my bills after that money runs out. See, unlike you, my money runs out when I'm not employed. Much like you though, the bank will take my possessions when I don't make payments. I just want you to know Win, because you seem VERY INSULATED from the real world, that the decision you made to fire staff runs deep. The job market is atrocious, losing my housing and automobile is a very real threat to me. When you are in your big fancy bathroom looking in the mirror, in your fancy house, overlooking the valley... just remember the people you stepped on. Just for one second, put the thought through your head, that someone you decided to lay off may be losing their home in a few months, they may need food stamps. Loyalty should be rewarded with loyalty, you just don't get that rich boy. Instead of cutting big discounts for your Merrill Lynch/BoA buddies, who incidentally can afford to play at sugarbush, you should have been driving revenue where you could. The least you could have done is show your face at the meeting in which I was fired, so you could see what you did. Instead, you send others to do your dirty work. The least you could have done is look me in my eyes when telling me I may lose my home soon. If you just would've shown up at that meeting to shake my hand and say sorry, I wouldn't be airing dirty laundry here.

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    This forum is not the place to deal with employee issues. However, ridelikeme was not someone who "was just fired" and based on past posts like this one, I doubt if this person has been employed at Sugarbush:

    "sour grapes my ass broseph....I get more runs in before lifts turn on my own 2 feet than most can scrub all day, so no need to throw out that tired b.s. at me. Now, I can see from the fact you quoted part of my post, that you can read. How is your comprehension? We'll try again. If it is such a non issue for you or I, (the general public) to get snaked 4 or 5 chairs. Why is it such a big deal for someone who came to the party late to hit the end of the line and wait their turn. I am referring only to waiting for the chair to turn, not regular operation during the balance of the day. I fully get that the brood's parents paid to have them in a program to learn and time not turning is time not learning. Again, start the program EARLIER, get the crew to the lift EARLIER and there is no issue. What ENTITLES you to cut me, when I have been waiting here for the chair for 20 minutes? If it is such a big deal for the blazers to have 1st tracks, get there earlier. What if the crew asked you to move back from the spot you held so they could squeeze you out and slide in front of you? How bout this, next powder day, while you're holding fast to your spot at HG and the blazer crew comes down, you move back and let them cut you, I mean it's no big deal right, and you were only there at the front of the line waiting for 10-20 minutes cause it's no big deal right. If it's no big deal, why wait for the chair to spin at all? Just roll in 10 minutes after it starts spinning. I mean, it's no big deal, right?

    I fully get that there is enough mountain for all of us and that there are plenty of tracks left to get, it is the principal that you think it is cool to get there late and say screw everyone else, I want to go up FIRST. That is bs"

    Since ridelikeme wrote this post, a clarifiction of the facts is needed. After a very difficult winter, my management team and I felt that some resturcturing of our business was necessary to make sure we remain financially healthy and best able to serve our guests in the future and protect the vast majority or our teammates. It is not true that a "Huge hunk" of employees were fired. 6 job positions were eliminated and two jobs were changed from full time to seasonal. While this is not a huge chunk, eight good people have been impacted and we feel badly about that. The eight employees were not fired for cause but rather lost their job because the job went away or changed from a full time to a seasonal position. All are eligible to apply for jobs with us now and in the future and all will receive strong recommendations. We had an all employee meeting on Friday to explain to all what had taken place and the reasons why it was necessary. It is obvious that ridelikeme does not like me personally and that is fine, but this mailicious and inaccurate post hurts those who lost their job last week and all members of our community.

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    You are right Win, this is not the place to deal with employee issues, if you just showed up when we were terminated, I wouldn't be here, read the last line of my original post.
    now for the rest..
    Really Win? You quote a silly post of mine (that I can't even find to provide a date for) from when there was a discussion regarding Blazers getting first tracks, in order to discredit me. Good use of time. What, the person who wrote that couldn't possibly have been educated enough to be one of your 6 or 8 canned? What was the inaccuracy Win? The phrase 'huge chunk?' Answer this Win, did you appear to shake a hand or look anyone in the eye when they were let go Friday? You were so broken up over it that you came to see each of us off, correct? Only 6 people and you couldn't make the time. "Don't like you personally..." Just goes to show how much you know. I respected you TREMENDOUSLY, until you ripped my livelihood from under were the man with the plan, you kept us slightly ahead of everyone else in a crappy season, at least that's what we were told. You're response to this post shows how deluded you really are. Attacking and discrediting to make yourself look better. Ooh, I'm eligible to apply for a new job with magnanimous of you... I can go from earning a real wage to being a liftie, good one. However you candy coat how we were dealt with..fired, layed off, force reduction, job went away (that's a funny one, cause there are people doing our former jobs right now).. you harmed good people who worked their tails off for you. My post was far from malicious or inaccurate, it was informative. YOU weren't there friday, truth. Several years of loyalty and pushing your brand, truth. Atrocious job market, truth. ML/BoA discounts, truth. Running out of money to pay my bills if I am unemployed when severance runs out, truth. Me not posting here if you were man enough to look me in the eye when jamming me, truth. The only inaccuracy was 'big chunk,' way to mince words and miss the point.

    BTW.. the post you quoted was written that way so people reading wouldn't think I was associated with sugarbush, out of respect for the brand, for you, but I still wanted to get my point across when writing it.

    Your post proved my point, entirely.

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    It's been a tough year everywhere in ski country. SB is far from the only ski area making difficult choices with budgets this Spring. If people want to discuss the facts and the merits here, have at it, but I'm going to close this particular thread as I'm not sure anything good can come out of it given how personal the issue is.


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