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Thread: cord wood

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    not on the mtn at the moment

    cord wood

    Apologize in advance - MRV forum has less than 10% of the readers this forum has - looking for a couple cords of wood cut/split/dry.

    Hoping one of the locals reading this will get the business!

    Valley Reporter no longer posts classifieds either - I buy one each time I'm there but I never bring it south.

    Any recommendations appreciated.

    I'm thinking 10-15" above 2000' level thru Sat.

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    I will look this up for you tomorrow and PM you unless someone chimes in before I get to it.
    Susan Klein, Director, MRV Chamber of Commerce

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    JWT -

    I moved this b/c this is the more apporpriate spot for it. This forum gets a small fraction of the traffic b/c no one starts threads here. On a thread for thread basis, I'm sure it gets just as much viewership.

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    can i get that info too. tia

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    JWT, you won't find any dry cord wood locally. Your best bet is Colton Enterprises in Pittsfield: They sell kiln dried cords. The price is a bit steep, but you'll get a great cord of wood.


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