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    ski pants

    Hey all, I asked before but then stuff got crazy and I moved the trip back. Oh yeah, and because there was no snow yet. ha! We are going in 2 weeks. Seriously, this time. Once again, I'm looking for a review of the womens ski pants at that Christy Sports website. I already got mine, but now I have to get some for my wife. It was going to be just be the boys but my wife wanted to come. I checked out coat factories in my town but I live in Indiana and they don't have a huge selection especially after Christmas. I figured I would have to do some online shopping. Can anyone let me know if they have ever bought pants from there? Thanks!

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    Dude, that website looks fine. Dont worry too much about the ski pants. If they dont work out, I'm sure you can find something in the MRV or after taking a 40 min trek north to Stowe or south to Killington. VT is ski country, the ski shops are well stocked.

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    Thanks for the advice buddy.


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