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    Ski clothes help!

    Hey all,
    I'm looking for a review of the ski pants at that Christy Sports website. My first ski trip of the season is scheduled for 4 weeks from tomorrow at Mad River with some of my boys so I need to find a pair fast. I have never bought anything online in my whole life so I am a little hesitant about where to buy the ski pants I'm looking for. I checked out coat factories in my town but I live in Indiana and they don't have a huge selection. I figured I would have to do some online shopping. Can anyone let me know if they have ever bought pants from there? Thanks!

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    4 weeks from tomorrow? seriously? I doubt Mad River will be open before Thanksgiving. They usually try really hard to open by Christmas. Sugarbush might be open by 11/19. But either way , unless you have that perfect " one size fits all " kind of physique , I would wait until you arrive and spend the first day finding a pant that fits.

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    ha! I totally meant to write 8 weeks. Not 4 weeks. My bad man.

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    What r u looking for? Insulated? Pockets? Bib?


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