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01-31-2014, 03:55 PM
Took my time getting up to the mountain today since I had my board in the shop for some serious edge work. I arrived at the mountain around 11 and parked in the auxiliary lot below the Village Double. Booted up and hit up the Gate House Quad.

The mountain was surprisingly busy. There wasn't a line at Gate House, but no chairs were going up empty. There were tons of skis outside the lodge and there were plenty of lessons in progress.

I hit all the major routes of Pushover, Slowpoke, Sleeper, Hot Shot, and Waterfall. Most had been groomed and were riding nicely. Edge-able manmade with few slick spots on Sleeper which may not have been groomed since Wednesday night, but was still in good shape. Next I went up North Lynx and hit Birch Run. The conditions were the same as above. Morningstar is still only open from the 3/4 mark and is super thin. Didn't want to beat up my board. I also didn't hit Sunrise, but from the sound of it, it hasn't been groomed in awhile. However, it has full coverage. Maybe it will get some love tonight.

Headed over to the Bravo after north Lynx and it was a much busier lift. The line had died down from 11 with people going in for lunch, but it was maintaining a 2-5 minute lift line. I immediately took Domino Chute to Lower Jester. The Chute was a little scraped off, but Jester was in good shape. Went back up and hit Downspout to Heaven's Gate. Downspout had some slick spots in the usual places, but as usual, the skiers right side was skiing great with nary a slick spot in sight.

Heaven's Gate had no lift line and it didn't appear that OG or Ripcord had been groomed. I took some laps on Jester before heading all the way to the bottom via Spring Fling. The snow on Spring Fling was pretty fresh and skied great. It should be phenomenal this weekend after a couple groomers touch it.

I stopped into Allyn's for some water about midway through my day, and I would say it was at about 60% capacity. Definitely busier than I expected. I also heard a liftie say that it was one of the busiest non holiday Fridays he had ever seen. I can definitely vouch that the Valley House Traverse was definitely crowded and slick right above the VH Double. I know much can't be done with that area until the new lift is in place, but it definitely needs more bandwidth.

I only took the time to take one picture, but I think the mountain is in pretty good shape for when the snow starts falling. All in all, a great day.

http://i1092.photobucket.com/albums/i411/Brenton_Archut/Sugarbush%201-31-14/2E52FA03-03BC-4995-8222-4BFF1336F847.jpg (http://s1092.photobucket.com/user/Brenton_Archut/media/Sugarbush%201-31-14/2E52FA03-03BC-4995-8222-4BFF1336F847.jpg.html)